Alpha: The 4 week transformation starter plan

Over the years it’s become apparent that guys are getting skinny and weak. You struggle with any manual labour and your shirt is tighter around your belly than your arms.

The dominant force of the alpha male is gone…

But we are here to change that

We want like minded guys that are sick of the trend of skinny jeans and muffin top t-shirts. You want the alpha male back. You want the ability to pick up 2 girls up on your shoulders for a party trick and carry them upstairs after.

Training on your own can be tough but with the proper individuals around you then you know you can push yourself to the limits, and scream and shout without being judged. Banging down plates and bars are part of the job and your only ‘cardio’ is pushing a sled, not running on a hamster wheel. We want to release the Alpha male within!

With the Alpha program you get

– 12 semi private personal training sessions in the most awesome environment

– 4 week open gym membership for extra sessions (programmed by your personal trainer)

– 4 week Alpha program to pack on size and smash strength

– a nutrition plan that will never include smoothies, salads or wheatgrass

– private access to our online group to shoot the breeze with fellow and like minded alphas (if easily offended don’t join)

This is the program that every guy needs to become a real boss – an alpha male

‘Alpha is the best lads training program in Galway. I’ve never felt better and I’ve made friends for life because of it. It’s the closest thing to being part of  a sports team except you’re in the best shape of your life while still being allowed to have pints!’ – Steve

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So What’s The Buzz?

I'm skinny and find it hard to put on weight. Can Alpha help me put on muscle

Of course it can. You’ll lift big and you’ll get big. Alpha has a proper progressive plan and more importantly we will go through a nutrition plan that’s individual to you. Again that’ll be progressive as well. All we expect is that you’ll do what we tell you and put in the hard yards.

I've loads of gym experience already. Will Alpha still suit

Definitely dude. There’s pretty much nowhere in this county that can match what we do. We’ve equipment that can be found nowhere else but more importantly an atmosphere that just cannot be matched. Where else can you walk in to that you’ve 5 other dudes (along with your trainers and a host of other Alphas and FitChicks) that’d give their left arm just to see you succeed. Everyone has the same mindset – to get results.