Fit Chick

You want to get a real shape to your body and you want to lift real weights. You want to become part of the 'Strong is the new Skinny' brigade

FitChick is a first of its kind transformation training plan.

We take on a max of 6 determined ladies who really want to make great changes to their physique.

These ladies are sick of the stereotype that girls can only lift 2kg weights and are destined to the aerobics room. You want to get a real shape to your body and you want to lift real weights. You want to become part of the ‘Strong is the new Skinny’ brigade.

The brigade that rock any dress they want because every curve is in the right place. No heels needed to lift your ass or your calves, you have them. No spanx or other special knicks holding your thighs and tummy in, you hold them in on your own. A pair of arms that don’t need to be covered or tanned up, coz toned Irish arms look better than orange bingo wings.

The FitChick program will teach you how to weight train effectively, with the right weight and right intensity. There won’t be a pink dumbbell in site, just a weight you are gonna be so proud of to lift.
Results Ireland is a different kind of gym and you won't have the fear of a few perverted young lads intimidating you in a lil weights room. We've a massive open area gym where everyone is equal, and ready to train. We applaud hard work and kick out time wasters.

Everyone is here to get results, including me and you.

It’s a step above the commercial gyms. We want to change clients. We want them to be happy. We want every FitChick client to be an awesome success

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So What’s The Buzz?

Will it make me big and muscley

Straight up answer – no. You’ll simply get that ‘toned’ look so to speak. You’ll get curves in the right places – shapely legs, a pert bum and sleek arms. What more could you want?!

I'm intimidated by weights, will FitChick suit me

Lots of people, especially females, can be intimidated by weights. Weightrooms in other gyms are generally small, cramped and full of sweaty, gruntin neanderthals who stare you out of it.
Results is a whole lot different. You’ll see just as many women in the squat rack as men. Everyone is there to train and no one is different. We’ve worked hard to create this type of atmosphere and this is why FitChick (and HULK) is application only!