Our FitChick+ group is our exciting new 2020 program

Here at Results we wanted to design up a new, ladies specific class that was fun, motivating and delivered consistently brilliant results.

FitChick+ progresses you every week. An action packed, 50minute workout that gets you sweating while leaving you feeling stronger at the end.

Your classes will be complimented by individual nutrition plans, bodyfat testing, along with a online support group.

So if you are sick and tired of overcrowded bootcamps that give no direction or results, then FitChick+ has to be your choice.

Pop your details into the contact form below and we will do the rest. You won’t regret it!


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    So What’s The Buzz?

    I'm a beginner will this suit

    #fitspo is tailored to be progressive to each individual. We can put an experienced gym goer with a gym newbie and it’s not going to affect anyone. It’s all about what you are able to do, nobody else.

    I'm fit already, is this going to be tough enough

    There’s being fit and there is being Results fit. We’ve never had a person walk away saying ‘that was too easy’.

    How do I join

    We are selective about who joins to ensure a good atmosphere for each group. We will only select people who really want to train and improve their shape. If you fit that criteria then send us a mail at info@resultsireland.com and give us a few details about yourself and why you should be a part of #fitspo. Alternatively give us a call on 0863027600 for a lil chat
    Remember groups are full majority of the time so you may be put on a waiting list to start!