V.I.P Personal Training

Being a personal training client is literally being the cream of the crop. Each hour that you enter the gym it's your hour, nobody else's. It's just you and your trainer.

Results are guaranteed as the session is 100% yours.

Programmed, tailored and executed with the help of your trainer. You do to have to worry what you are doing next, what’s your rest period or how’s your technique as the trainer is focused on you. We will motivate you, correct you and teach you on absolutely everything.

It goes a lot farther than just the training sessions. We’ve your nutrition taken care of and we are on hand for any questions or guidance needed 24/7 – whether by email or phone – you’re the V.I.P client and we are focused on getting results for you

Personal training selection is done by a consultation first where you sit down with one of our trainers to discuss will we be a fit for you (and you be a fit for us of course). We want people who want change, who want to invest in their body and health and who want only the best in training.

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    So What’s The Buzz?

    This sounds nearly too easy

    Yes it does but it does require hard work, consistency and dedication. Give us that and we will give you the body of your dreams.

    How much is an hour session

    We don’t charge by the hour as we do a hell of a lot more than just that for each V.I.P client. There’s nutrition, emails, programme preparation and more to take into an account so we charge by the package that suits you. That’ll be decided at your consultation.

    Who's it for

    Anyone who wants to get absolutely top shape and really take care of themselves. Your body is your own V.I.P

    Of course our general policy applies – no whingers and no uttering the words I can’t .